Special Ingredient: Farm Fresh Beets

As a recognized super-food, beets are loaded with nutrients, vitamins and minerals and offer many health benefits. Our beets are grown in Canada, where the cool climate is ideal for enhancing the naturally sweet flavor. Beets also add a natural red color to the waffles for a unique, gourmet plate presentation.

Delicious Sweet & Savory Flavor

When the naturally sweet flavor of beets is combined with fresh ginger and other wholesome ingredients, Sheila’s Gourmet Beet Waffles deliver a delicious sweet and savory flavor that pairs well with Maple Syrup, Chocolate and Caramel sauces. Available in original beet and beet with chocolate chips.

All Natural with No Preservatives

Sheila’s Gourmet Beet Waffles are all-natural, low-calorie and made with a unique recipe of healthy ingredients like farm-fresh beets, ginger, canola oil and whole wheat flour for a delicious reinvention of the traditional waffle. All kitchen-cabinet friendly ingredients with no added colors, flavors or preservatives.

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